Seeking Preacher at North Seattle Church of Christ

North Seattle Church of Christ, located in the beautiful port city of Seattle WA, is a congregation of about 85. We have a strong, active history in the Pacific Northwest since we began in 1969. This congregation is seeking the help of a preacher/evangelist who is rooted in love for God and is willing to step forward as a warrior in Christ.

We had a younger preacher who moved on to another work and our other preacher is trying to retire. We’d like an energetic man with social media knowledge and a sound knowledge of the word. He does not necessarily have to be ready to go out on his own as our preacher will still be here and is willing to mentor him. We are looking to hire ASAP.

Please contact Nolan Radke at 206-940-3953 to express interest or for clarification.
Thank you for helping us in our search.